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Must Visit Places While Travelling Beijing for Muslim

Beijing is a modern city of China filled with history and cultural famous attractions. But for you who are Muslim travelers, then Beijing is also can be the ideal place for visit. Based on my experience travelled Beijing last vacation, we had a great list for some halal restaurants, foods, as well as mosques in […]

How to Explore Beijing Muslim Culture

At the mention of Muslim Beijing tour, there is a street not to be missed – Niujie Street. There is no better way to taste the vibrant Beijing Muslim culture than a visit to this street! To dig deeper into the Muslim culture while visiting Niujie, we should first understand the holy month of ramadan. […]

Special Beijing Muslim Tour Experience

Having a terrific Muslim Beijing tour has become a dream for every tourist who is very interested in the Muslim culture. In the modern days, in order to have a deep understanding about this kind of religion, tourist book 5 days 4 nights Beijing Muslim tour to start their happy researching. If you are very […]

Top Halal Food Options in Beijing

China enjoys a long history when it comes to Halal food. The group of Arabian and Persian merchants during the Tang and Song dynasty is believed to have brought the Muslim diet into China. Chinese Muslim food sticks strictly to the Islamic dinning rules using only mutton and lamb as the main ingredient. The Muslim […]

Forbidden Rules about Beijing Muslim Tour

When relating to Beijing Muslim, what appeared in the mind will be their dressing style and the cooking style. Do you have a deep exploration? How many rules about Beijing Muslim people? Today, with the economy developing faster and faster, culture spread all over the world, more and more people book Beijing Muslim tour starting […]