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Must-appreciate Land for Muslim People

For the Beijing Muslim tour visitors, there are many places for them to entertain their happy holidays. In the modern times, more and more tourists coming to Beijing are booking Beijing Muslim tour from Singapore. For such a metropolis city, there is a special land for the Muslim tourists. No matter you are Muslim or not, Beijing Niujie Mosque will be an ideal place exploring a terrific Beijing Muslim Package 2014 holiday experience.

muslim-beijingAs a most historical and majestic mosque, Beijing Niujie Mosque has undergone numerous refits and extensions with about thousands of histories. It is a large scale mosque greeting Muslims from all over the world to worship. With the coverage area of 6,000 square meters, this mosque is structurally based on traditional Chinese wooden palaces adopting a typical Arabic-style of decoration. Most different is that there are no human or animal figures among these decorations as these are considered taboo in Islam.

Once arriving at this holy land, a kind of Muslim culture and tastes would pour into your mind. The exteriors are designed in classic Chinese styles, looking very much like Buddhist temples, but the interiors are more traditionally Arab. What you would see are the Chinese and Arabic inscriptions adorn the buildings. Each inscription stored a series of stories and legends. During the Muslim tour, after getting these, you would have a deep understanding about Muslim culture and history as well as their religion. Walking along the path that runs beside the tower, tourists would reach the Prayer Hall. This hall is the most important building. It is a palace only opened to the Muslim people. So, Non-Muslim visitors could not enter the prayer hall (which is usually fairy empty except on Friday), but can admire the architecture of the exteriors and look around the courtyards.

Exploring this holy land, tourists should follow some rule made here. Muslim people paid much attention on their dressing. So, before your entering, you should dress proper. It you dressed the shorts or a skirt, you will be forbidden to enter into. The entrance fee is 10 Yuan per person. Opening hours is from 08:00 to 16:00. You should check the detail information in advance. This mosque not only offers the chance to admire a truly unique building, but also the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about Islam!

Wonderful Muslim Tour Experience

Nowadays, there are many Muslim tours appeared in Beijing. Whatever you want to go, these tours would offer you the considerable tour service and professional tour guide. If you want to have a long period Beijing Muslim tour, this five days tour would entertain your feeling. With many Beijing highlight spots, Muslim tour China will offer you the utmost complete service, including the hotel, multi-language tour guide and cheap price.

Muslim LadiesBooking this five days tour, you would be picked up in your hotel on the first day, getting a fully relaxed on the first day. On the second day, Beijing landmark buildings would meet you. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Niujie Mosque, as well as Temple of Heaven would reach your desire. Grand Tiananmen Square will lead you to appreciate the most majestic square in this world. There are many famous buildings established in this square, Chairman Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People and National Flag Raising Ceremony holding every day. Walking from this square to the Forbidden City, you would find this is truly representative of Beijing ancient history and profound culture. Wandering in this royal building, you would get the most essence of China. What the most impressed section would be the Niujie Mosque, for the Muslim tourists, this mosque is the most holy land for their life. Here, you could get a deep worshipping. If you are not Muslim people, you could get understanding Muslim culture and Islamic religion. Each spot, tour guide would give you the most detail explanation.

After these dazzling destinations, Mutianyu Great Wall will give you unique deep impression. In addition to this, Great Wall hiking experience will lead you an exciting holiday. Among the great wall groups, Mutianyu Great Wall is the most charming and gorgeous section, as well as the best preserved appearance. Ming Tombs would widen your vision taking you to appreciate the ancient tombs group. On the fourth day and fifth day, you would have chance to enjoy the famous Huashi Mosque and the Dongsi Mosque. Each of them will show you the different cultural tastes and unique appearance. On the last day, you would be lucky to appreciate the Summer Holiday. There are many charming scenic spots distributed in this area. In the spring, this garden will show its utmost beautiful face to your holiday life.

Five days, you would explore the whole wonders of Beijing. Do you think it is truly deserved?

Holy Muslim Mosques in Beijing

For the Beijing Muslim tour visitors, Beijing is a holy city where stored many Islamic religious lands for the Muslim tourists coming to China. As we all know, there are many deep culture and history storing in their religion. Of course, there are many Beijing Muslim tours appeared to help the non-Muslim people to get a deep understanding about this kind of religion. Today, I would like to introduce you some mosques to conduct your happy Muslim holiday.

Beijing Muslim tour 2013For the Muslim Tours and Travels, what the most impressive mosque will be the Beijing Niujie Mosque. This mosque is the first mosque in Beijing. In the Yuan Dynasty found the fast development of Islamism after the influx into China of a great number of Muslims. Beijing Niujie Mosque appeared. As the oldest mosque in Beijing, about in 996, Niujie Mosque was built during the Liao Dynasty and was rebuilt and reconstructed in the later years. Because this mosque is located in the largest Muslim community area, so it becomes the popular gathering place for the Muslim people to worship and prayer. With the coverage area of 10,000 square meters, this holy land was built with a blend of Islamic and Han Chinese cultural and architectural influences. Entering into this place, you would appreciate there was no human figures and colorful decorations here.

After appreciating this land, you should choose Dongsi Mosque having a deep knowledge about Muslim culture. As one of the oldest mosques in Beijing, it was originally built in 1356 during the Yuan Dynasty. However, after enlarging and reconstruction, it contained two large gates, a minaret, a worship hall and a library. Every day, there will be local residence and the Muslim people coming here for praying. There is a separate area in the main hall for women. It has been restored and renovated many times. Most impressive is the library which housed valuable manuscripts of the Quran, the Hadith. This mosque is the headquarters of the Islamic Association of Beijing. Apart from these two important mosques, there are many Muslim mosques in Beijing. Huashi Mosque was first built in 1415 during the reign of Emperor Yongle in Ming Dynasty. It is located on the west side of the Huashi Street in Dongcheng District.

After getting these mosques, you would have certain destinations for your tour!

Differences between Muslim People and Han People

Nowadays, more and more people started to explore the unique religion to rich their life and spirit. As we all know, Islamic is the religion of Muslim people. Beijing stored loads of Muslim people to convey unique culture and different lifestyle. There are many tourists booking Beijing Muslim tour to explore the essence of Beijing and research Muslim people. However, most of the tourists are booking Beijing Muslim Tour package from Malaysia. They stored curiosity to this kind of religion.

[caption id="attachment_535" align="alignright" width="300"]Beijing Muslim Tour Beijing Muslim Tour[/caption]

In order to have a terrific Muslim tour to Beijing, tourists should get more about each other. In fact, there are many differences between them and Han people in every aspect. First, in the food; Han people are mainly for the pork as their main meat food. However, the pork is forbidden in the Muslim people. "Pig" has special meaning in their religion. Mutton and beef are the main meat food. During your Beijing tour, you could get there are many Muslim restaurants serving he hotpot and beef. Yes, there is no pork. The most famous Muslim restaurant is called Donglaishun in Beijing. Every day, this cuisine place would receive more than hundreds of Muslim people and tourists.

Walking on the street, you could see many Muslim people dressing thick clothes and covering close, especially the women. In the Islamic religion, Muslim people paid much attention on their privacy. They dressed thick and cover close for covering their skin and body size. They are united and live as a family. Han people always dressed very simple with the season changing and varying. In the womens right aspect, the Muslim women also plaid a very important role in their family. They are regarded as holy person, protecting, teaching their children and taking after their family members. However, Han women in Chinese traditional times are serving for their family, their husband. In the family, their status is lower. Even in the modern society, there many Han families are like this. In the children education, Han children are taught to the basic knowledge and the book information. However, the Muslim children are educated to get their religion first. Their religion is very important!

After getting this, you have grasped the important points. Start your Muslim tour quickly!

Wonderful and Meaningful Tailor Muslim Tour

For Beijing Muslim Tour, there have been many tourists booking and enjoying. By the chance to get more information about the Muslim people will be an ideal choice. As we all know, Beijing stored loads of highlights and spots presenting to the public. In order to have a cool Beijing Spring Muslim Tour, tailoring a wonderful Beijing Muslim Tour Package 2014 will be a wonderful dream. After getting enough understanding about this kind of culture and religion, it is time to grasp the rest time appreciating Beijing.

Badaling Great WallAs we all know, being rented as the wonders of Beijing, Great Wall groups have attracted loads of attention. So, after exploring the Muslim tour, exploring Beijing Great Wall is an emergency. There are many great wall sections in Beijing, including the most famous Badaling Great Wall and the most charming Mutianyu Great Wall and the wild Jinshanling Great Wall. Each section would present you different appearance and features. Badaling Great Wall is near from Beijing city center. There ever many famous country leaders came here for appreciating and researching.

After conquering the Great Wall groups, it is time to explore Beijing royal buildings. As an ancient capital city of China, equipped with profound history and deep culture, Beijing stored many royal buildings. Among them, Forbidden City will be the most qualified section to explore and research. As the landmark of Beijing, Beijing Forbidden City has the same fame with the Great Wall. The decorations, giant size, inner building structures are all the praised objects for this holy land. There are many worthy treasures deserved your appreciating. This giant building not only reflected Chinese history and culture, skillful designing but also revealed the wisdom of ancient Chinese people.

After the great wall building and the Forbidden City, for the Muslim tour, the last one will be having a taste for the Beijing Roast Duck. It is said that without eating Beijing Roast Duck, it is equal to you have not been Beijing. Equipped with profound history, complex cooking process and fresh ingredients, Roast Duck has attracted loads of foreign tourists. Beijing Quanjude Restaurant is the most famous restaurant to enjoy this dish.

After getting these essences, Muslim tour could be wonderful and meaningful!

Delicious Muslim Restaurants for Terrific Holidays

Nowadays, when relating to Beijing, what appeared in the mind will be Beijing Forbidden City, Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Cuisine. With the economy developing faster and faster, spirits of modern people is also developing faster and faster. Among all the interests, Beijing Muslim tour has gained much recognition in the tourists from all over the world. Even some people booking 5 days 4 nights Beijing Muslim tour to enjoy and explore their comfortable holidays.

[caption id="attachment_288" align="alignright" width="300"]Muslims in Beijing Muslims [/caption]

As we all know, there are many rules in the Muslim people including food, lifestyle, dressing, marriage and religion, etc. Among these aspects, Beijing Muslim cuisine has become a very important destination for the tourists booking Beijing Muslim tour package. Muslim cuisine, also known as Islamic Cai and Hui Cai is a religious cuisine wide spread among the Muslims. The common meat for us – pork is forbidden in the Muslim people. With such distinction, it is no surprise that Chinese Muslim food culture differs greatly from that of the Middle East. As the most famous and popular Muslim gathering, Niujie Mosque reflected the most different points between us and the Muslim people.

Beijing Xinjiang Fanzhuang, as one of the most revered destinations in the city for excellent food from Xianjiang, is common with government restaurants. The mutton meat and barbecue meat offered here are very delicious. With professional Muslim waiter, coming here for enjoying, you would have a terrific understanding about the culture, clothing and religion about them. From Xinjiang lamb to the treasure of nut and dried fruit-laden bowls of homemade yoghurt, this restaurant is also famous for the noodles with different cooking style and flavor cooking ingredients.

Beijing Ningxia Hotel Restaurant will be the second famous land entertaining all the Muslim tourists and foreigners from all over the world. Holding claim to a large population of Hui Muslims, this restaurant made sure all the ingredients and milk here are all conveyed from the Xinjiang or any other Muslim land. So, tourists always find the authentic Muslim tastes and flavor here. What the most interesting is that the chicken here is sweet, which is benefits ti cooking the soup and noodles.

Apart from these, there still many original tastes waiting for you!

Must Visit Places While Travelling Beijing for Muslim

Beijing is a modern city of China filled with history and cultural famous attractions. But for you who are Muslim travelers, then Beijing is also can be the ideal place for visit. Based on my experience travelled Beijing last vacation, we had a great list for some halal restaurants, foods, as well as mosques in Beijing. All the information we got from professional tour guides who guided us during 5 days 4 nights Beijing Muslim tour. This is a private tour that let us visit some significant historical attractions in capital as well as some interesting sights around the town.

muslim-beijingIf you are planning to visit the city, here is a short tour guide including Niujie mosque and two best halal restaurants that I tried while visiting Beijing. Since Beijing has over 70 Masjid and is home to over 200,000 Muslims then visit at least one of famous mosque in Beijing is a must, right? Okey, then lets start with Niujie mosque which is a famous mosque located at Niujie Street, main Muslim community resides. Located in the important area of Muslim community in Beijing, Niujie Mosque also becomes the main mosque (Masjid) in the city.

In our last Beijing Muslim Tour Package from Malaysia, we could like know different Muslim culture in other county like in China. Visit Niujie Mosque has gives us excellent feeling for starting to know about diversity culture of the country. I thought it was very interesting to experience and personally see different architecture of mosque in Beijing, which is blend with Chinese traditional style. Besides Niujie Mosque, we also taste halal restaurants in town during Beijing Muslim Tour, there are including Dong Lai Shun Restaurant (hot pot) and 1001 Nights Restaurant.

Donglaishun Restaurant located in Wangfujing Street (largest pedestrian street) in Beijing. Their specialty is a mutton dish famous for three attributes: paper-thin slices, high-quality meat, and an excellent dipping sauce. It is a perfect dish to taste while travelling in winter. Then another halal restaurant is 1001 Nights Restaurant which located in Solana branch. There while eating authentic variety of Middle Eastern cuisines, we also can enjoyed belly dance which performs every night. The nightly belly dancing show runs 8:00pm-11:00pm.

The halal food in Beijing has a unique flavor to it and forms an important part of the authentic Beijing cuisine. Besides those two restaurants that I recommend, of course we did also find other halal restaurants. Visitors can find an array of halal restaurants at the Niujie Street.

Guide to Muslim Restaurant in Beijing

Join a Muslim Tour in Beijing should be not a problem for Muslim travelers. Since with our service, we could provide halal food, some visit to restaurants and even private service which very efficient to take your time to do daily pray. As everyone could know Chinese food usually contain more pork and beef rather than mutton. But do not too worry about it, Beijing Muslim Tour can help you to find some famous Muslim restaurants in Beijing.

[caption id="attachment_509" align="alignright" width="300"]Chinese Muslim Resturant Chinese Muslim Resturant[/caption]

One of those popular Muslim restaurants is Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant which runs by y Hui Muslims, who are Han Chinese, rather than ethnic-minority Uighurs from the remote western province of Xinjiang. If you want a fancy Muslim food, then Crescent Moon restaurant might the best choice. It is more expensive than most other Xinjiang restaurants in Beijing, but the food is consistently good, and it has an English menu. This restaurant has also popular among foreigners and expats that live and work in Beijing.
Crescent Moon Muslim Restaurant have its own best dishes including cumin-spiced lamb skewers, crispy nang breads, house-made yogurt, hand-pulled noodles and ornate pots of salty milk tea. The service of Crescent Moon restaurant is nice, with tasty food and authentic atmosphere. Besides this halal restaurant, travelers can easily find budget Muslim restaurant along Niu Street (Ox Street). There are many Halal restaurants, a Halal supermarket and a mosque. You can get there by subway line 2 and get off the subway at Changchunjie station. There is about 20 minutes walk from the subway station to the Niu Street.

If you wish cooking the food by yourself, you can buy the materials from a big supermarket 100 meters from the south door. There are different types of rice, flavorings and meats. It is a very complete Muslim supermarket provide almost everything Muslim travelers need. There are also many halal foods available in super markets, you can identify halal foods with the ??(qing zhen) sign on the pack. In Chinese this qing zhen word means halal.

During your China Muslim Tour to Beijing, travelers also could choose Xilaishun restaurant, an old halal restaurant in Beijing where offers magnificent and delicate dishes. Xilaishun offers both traditional and new style Moslem food, Beijing Roast Duck, and chafing dishes. Same like other Muslim restaurant, Xilaishun also guaranteed its flavor and authentic taste. Surely apart from many restaurants that listed above, other Muslim restaurants in town including Nanlaishun, Xinjiang Restaurant, etc, also become ideal choice to taste Chinese Muslim food that might be a little different with other halal food in your home country.

Second Visit to the Famous Beijing Muslim Site in Niujie Street

Beijing is a big city with long history and because of that, there not to be afraid of visitors will have lack of interesting destinations they need to visit. During Muslim Tours, we did visit Niujie Street and the famous mosques in Beijing, but it only a small trip. So after 4 days Muslim tour China in the capital, we decided to continue and explore more about this biggest Muslim community, Niujie Street.

[caption id="attachment_470" align="alignright" width="300"]Wangfujing Street Wangfujing Street[/caption]

Since we had one week in Beijing, so we need to use our time efficiently. Muslim Beijing tour to Niujie Street started at about 11.00 am. By taxi, we can reach Niujie before zuhr prayer. Decided to return to the same place we went the previous time for lunch. Fortunately, we chose to eat first since the restaurant would be closing at 2pm before opening again at 5pm in the evening.

We walked to Niujie Mosque right after lunch and along the way, found nice spot for photos taking. Reached Niujie Mosque for the second time, personally I had different feeling. I could see the details of the mosque peacefully without fixed tour itinerary. Being the largest and oldest mosque in Beijing, Niujie Mosque is a must-see place.

Niujie Mosque has an interior of intricate traditional Chinese architecture with Arabic calligraphy. Same with interior design, its exterior design also has traditional Chinese architecture, with pagodas and pavilions which make it look more like a Chinese temple than a mosque. The female prayer hall is quite a distance from the main prayer hall and the interior for both is quite similar.

Any Muslim who come to Beijing just need to come here, because it is a must see place while travelling Beijing. After zuhr prayer, we stayed for a bit longer to enjoy the atmosphere. Actually it is a really interesting experience to see mosque in Beijing. This is priceless experience that I should not forget. After that, we left the mosque at about 4pm and proceeded to the Niujie Muslim Supermarket once again.

Niujie Muslim Supermarket almost sells everything you need, is the biggest food and commodity store for Muslims in China today. The market is a comprehensive market selling Muslim products, snacks and foods. The pure Muslim character supplies good shopping environment and convenient shopping enjoyment for Niujie, Beijing and native Muslim groups. The whole day in this area should be memorized well. For Muslim like me, you should prepare a whole full day for explore some interesting spots around.


Islamic Vacation in Beijing

Islamic holiday is a great way for Muslim travelers to know more about culture and history of other countries. There are many countries such as China that respect Muslim traditions and provide Halal friendly holidays, ensuring a convenient visit for Islamic travelers. Among many famous tourism site in China, Beijing as the capital is a home for countless historical places. Beijing Muslim Tour will bring visitors a great opportunity, access to mosques and Halal food, while experiencing Muslim culture as well in Beijing!

Beijing is a great destination for Islamic holiday. Boasting 3000 years old history, become a central capital city for ancient times in Ming and Qing Dynasties, there is much to experience and enjoy here. Muslim Tour Package is an organized tour brings visitors to explore what Beijing has to offer. For more than 1 day, travelers will visit many historical sites as well as the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing.

During your Muslim Tour Beijing, visitors will able to enjoy the magnificent Great Wall of China and the gorgeous Summer Palace. Seek the ancient culture of China through visit old sacrificial altar, Temple of Heaven and center of government at Tiananmen Square. Other must visit attractions in Beijing include the iconic Olympic 2008 venues – the Birds Nest and Water Cube Stadium. Nowadays, visitors can enter to the stadium by purchase the entrance ticket and even have a fun vacation at indoor water park inside Water Cube stadium.

[caption id="attachment_509" align="alignright" width="300"]Chinese Muslim Food Chinese Muslim Food[/caption]

Moreover, your Muslim vacation in Beijing will also include halal food, personalized service and some visit to famous mosques in Beijing. Must visit of all is to Niujie Street, the largest community areas in Beijing where offer comprehensive Muslim supermarket, plenty of Muslim restaurants, and the famous Niujie Mosque. The Niujie Mosque, built in 966 during the Liao dynasty is the oldest mosque in Beijing and a centre for 10,000 Muslims living in the vicinity. The mosque is still used by Chinese Muslims as a place of worship and the area has been a home to them for over a thousand years.

By visiting Niujie Street via this specialized tour, Muslim travelers will know better about Islamic culture in China that might blend with China custom. In additional, visitors could get priceless experience enjoy different characteristic of mosque in China which mostly have a mix of Arabic and Chinese architecture, surely different with other types of mosques in your home country.